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Working at Merkle Amsterdam

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The Amsterdam office is already a very popular place to work for our colleagues, also from the other offices. Everyone is welcome to use the available facilities. Are you going to work in Amsterdam for a day or do you have a business appointment? Then follow the steps below:


Sign up

You can register yourself at the reception of G-Star, so you don't e-mail the info mail of Oogst. You can register via reception-amsterdam@g-star.com  


Please indicate in this mail:

Attention! The sender must have an email address from: @oxyma @afrogleap @oogstonline.nl @yoursocial @merkleinc.com.


TIP: There are 2 flip tags in Rotterdam that you can take with you, so you have access to our floor without a contact person. Arjan van Gemeren knows where to pick them up.


Register guests

Mail the names of your guests, with the date and times of arrival and if they come by car. Make sure you are easily accessible by phone at the time of arrival of your visit. The reception will call if they can be picked up at the reception.


Access times

Merkle Amsterdam is accessible from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm. Would you like to work before or after these times? You can, but you have to indicate this separately for security in the registration email to the reception reception-amsterdam@g-star.com, with robin@oogstonline.nl in cc.


If the security has to stay longer than 10.00 pm there are costs involved. The costs are EUR 35.75 per hour on working days, if someone has to be present on the weekend this is EUR 44.00 per hour.



There is a Flex block with 4 workstations, especially for colleagues from other offices. This is the second block opposite the lifts. These workplaces are not yet equipped with double screens (will follow within a few months). Workstations with double screens are limited in availability, but if there is a place available on the day itself, you can make use of this in consultation with colleagues on the floor.



In Amsterdam, there is a daily lunch available for staff between 12:30 am and 1:30 pm. This lunch is based on the number of employees at the office. Would you like to join in the lunch? This is not a problem, we take flex workers into account. When you are present with more than 5 people? Mail us at least 2 days prior to your arrival to robin@oogstonline.nl, this can be passed on to the kitchen, so we have enough lunch for everyone.


Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms can be booked via the outlook agenda.

All rooms are equipped with a TV and/or whiteboard. In the room where the printer is located (around the corner from the first coffee block), you can pick up a box with post-its, markers, etc. Please put it back after the meeting.



In exceptional cases, we can use catering in meeting rooms (via G-star or external). Think of C-level meetings. For other meetings, you can use (after registering) the lunch-buffet. Catering must be requested separately at least 2 weeks before the start of the meeting via robin@oogstonline.nl.



Would you like an event to take place in Amsterdam? We have 8 rooms on our floor at our disposal, the largest of which, in theatre arrangement, can accommodate up to 30 people. These rooms are in demand, so you will have to reserve them in time. We can also go to the Conference room of G-Star, provided it is available. This room can accommodate up to 200 people in theatre set-up. If you want to make use of this space, it must be requested well in advance. Please use this request form.