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What would an AdWords consultant do?



Jorn Vriend vertelt in een interview met de Amerikaanse Online Marketing website WordStream over zijn werkzaamheden als online marketeer bij Oogst. Hij geeft tips over het voeren van een succesvolle Google AdWords campagne.


Can you describe your AdWords management strategy? How do you set your campaign objectives, and how do you know what's realistic or not?

Our key factor is relevance. A good campaign set-up is the beginning. Determine high-volume keywords with Google's keyword or traffic tool and separate these keywords in your campaigns. Define your target audience and decide whether to target the search or display network. Never use the search and display network in the same campaign. The results of the display campaign will have a huge impact on your search campaign. Try to set up 3 completely different ads. This way you can test with these ads and determine the most successful USP.

When you have completed your set-up, start the campaign. Optimize your campaigns by increasing or decreasing your bids, depending on the ROI and traffic of this keyword. When keywords are not successful, lower these bids or pause the keyword. When a keyword is successful, try to increase the reach. Adjust the bid, adjust the ad or add new similar keywords.

Our campaign objectives are always determined together with the clients and, of course, depend on their marketing objectives.

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