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Arjen Hettinga new Managing Director Oogst, a Merkle company

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In February, Arjen Hettinga has been appointed as Managing Director of Oogst, a Merkle company. In this role, Arjen is the successor of Philip Spaas, Managing Partner and co-founder of Oogst.


The management team of Oogst now consists of Arjen Hettinga and Maurice Vriend (Director Operations). Together they also run the daily operations of the digital marketing agency.


Philip Spaas: ‘’Arjen has been a driving force, both strategically and commercially, behind the growth of this company to a leading digital marketing agency. With 70 eager colleagues we help brands in being successful online with digital marketing and analytics. It’s outstanding how Arjen, Maurice and the rest of the team turned Oogst into a successful business.


By becoming part of Merkle, we’ve come to the next level: with 330 colleagues in the Netherlands and 2.200 in the EMEA region we benefit from each other’s expertise and talent, strategic partnerships, processes and customers. We recently moved into an amazing office with our colleagues of the digital innovation agency aFrogleap. From here, we’ll continue bringing Merkle Netherlands forward. This is the dream I  envisioned at the start of Oogst in 2006 -together with co-founder Nico Maessen. For me this is the perfect moment to pass on the baton to Arjen.’’


Arjen Hettinga: ‘’During the previous 11 years here at Oogst I’ve had the privilege to contribute to this wonderful organization in several different roles. The core of our success has always been -and still is- to work with talented colleagues for the most awesome customers. We’re always looking for the boundaries of what is possible to help our customers in being frontrunners in making digital marketing as relevant as possible. I am very excited to take over the tasks previously carried out by Philip, and I’m looking forward to further build the Oogst organization within Merkle Netherlands together with Maurice and the rest of the team.’’


Philip Spaas is currently finishing his tasks and transferring his responsibilities, after which he has planned a sabbatical year. Nico Maessen is building the commercial organization of Merkle Netherlands as CCO since November 2018.